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A Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

The Palestine Poultry Company (Aziza) was founded in 1997. Since then, it has expanded its activities horizontally to cover all Palestinian governorates and integrated its activities vertically by establishing and operating the feed mill, breeders farms, hatchery, broiler farms, and more recently, the biggest and most modern poultry slaughterhouse in Palestine. The company has become an investment powerhouse in the poultry sector specifically and in the Palestinian livestock sector generally.

The goals that the company has worked extremely hard to achieve since its founding are maximizing food safety and enhancing the quality of life of Palestinian citizens. The company aims to support the resilience of Palestinian citizens by building close connections with livestock farmers and reducing their dependence on Israeli raw materials. The company achieves this by providing high-quality national alternatives and medical supervision on Palestinian farms throughout the year.

Throughout its offices and branches, the company employs more than 250 staff members from various backgrounds. The company's efficient and dedicated employees can be considered one of the main factors for its success. For this reason, the company takes special care of its employees and offers them unique opportunities for continuous development, which also the company considers as part of its social responsibility toward the Palestinian community. Other areas in which the company supports the Palestinian community include organizing activities that aim to empower the local community in different locations throughout Palestine.

Finally, the company is moving forward guided by a strategic vision and confident steps and supported by the determination of the resilient Palestinian people and the trust and unlimited support of the company investors.

Abdul-Hakim Foqaha

Chairman of the Board of Directors