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Board Committees

The board of Palestine Poultry Company and Palestine Industrial Investment Company, the parent company, formulates a group of permanent and temporary committees. These committees execute their duties and powers on the subsidiary companies to enhance supervision efficiency and monitor their operations. These committees are:

Auditing Committee

Its job is to follows up on Palestine Poultry Company's internal auditing reports prepared by the internal auditing department at Palestine Industrial Investment Company, the parent company.

Committee Members:

  • Mr. Amjad Yousef Mahmoud Hassoun - Moderator
  • Mr. Suleiman Zakariya Daifi
  • Mr. Fadi Adli Jumaa

Auditing & Governance Committee (Parent company)

It aims to ensure the independence and professionalism of the exterior auditor and the efficiency and neutrality of the internal auditing department. The committee also builds the plans for the sincere application of the Code of Governance and supervises its correct applications by the company's management.

Committee Duties:

  • Executing internal operational auditing and complying with laws, regulations, and system organizing the company.
  • Evaluating any risks the company faces and checking the monitoring procedures imposed by the executive management and its ability to limit the impact of these risks.
  • Evaluating the company's governance status and recommending any needed corrective procedures.
  • Ensuring the company's compliance with the current legal and legislative frameworks and measuring its compliance with the Palestinian Code of Governance and the regulations of the relevant supervising organizations.
  • Evaluating the performance of the company's board of directors and its members through a self-evaluation questionnaire.

Executive Investment Committee (Parent Company)

It works on finding a systematic approach to monitor the company's response to the decisions and recommendations of the board, making decisions or recommendations regarding the available opportunities and discussing the performance reports periodically.

Committee Duties:

  • Monitoring the company's response to the decisions and recommendations of the board of directors during its meetings throughout the year.
  • Study and analysis of the investment opportunities following the company's investment policy.
  • Discussion and approval of the estimated annual budgets of the companies and providing the required recommendations.