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Aziza Slaughterhouse

Since the founding of Aziza's slaughterhouse, the company has been eager to supply Palestinian consumers with a fresh and safe product which follows international standards. To achieve that, the company established the slaughterhouse deploying the latest relevant technologies, with an initial production capacity of 3000 chickens per hour, and this rate can go up to 6000 chickens per hour. Aziza's slaughterhouse produces a variety of chilled and frozen chicken products. It is operated by a fully specialized and qualified staff who are capable of running such sensitive food production lines following international food safety standards. 

Features of Aziza's Slaughterhouse products

Safe product

The products of Aziza are very safe to consume, and they are trusted by Palestinian consumers for the following reasons:
  1. The products are the outcome of an integrated production cycle which is monitored at each step until it reaches the end customer. The company's different facilities are cared for by our specialized veterans and agricultural engineers. Our specialized veterans and agricultural engineers monitor the products all the way from the breeders to the hatchery and then to the broilers where the chickens are fed by Aziza's vegan feed. The chickens then reach the slaughterhouse where strict monitoring systems which run in accordance with international quality standards operate. At the end of this journey, the product reaches the company's showrooms and different selling points at butcheries, supermarkets, restaurants, and hospitals.
  2. Aziza's Slaughterhouse is committed to running periodic and continuous health checks for all its staff members, and these health checks run in accordance with the rules described by relevant organizations
  3. The slaughterhouse contains a specialized poultry lab equipped by the latests tools and technology. This lab is where our specialized veterans, lab technicians, and quality control specialists run periodic tests.
  4. Aziza's slaughterhouse holds many international quality and food safety certificates by organizations which run periodic inspections on the slaughterhouse. The most prominent certificates include PSI, ISO 2200:2005 and HACCP. The slaughterhouse has completed the required steps for receiving the ISO 22000:2018 /HACCP certification, and we estimate to receive the certification at the beginning of 2021.
  5. The slaughterhouse contains an integrated cooling line that keeps the chicken temperature in accordance with the standards. This line consists of multiple components, starting with a computerized system to control the temperature of production facilities, drying refrigerators, and chilling refrigerators. The second component is a recognized software to control the temprature of distribution vehicles. The final component is the controlled-temperature refrigerators at Aziza showrooms. The cooling line is a complete cycle, starting at the stage when the chicken arrives at the slaughterhouse and ending when the end consumer receives our products. The company updates this system and continues to take measures which guarantee the production of high quality products. For example, the company has recently replaced five distribution vehicles with newer models manufactured in 2020.
  6. To avoid any potential harm to human health, we entirely depend on Aziza's vegan animal feed for chicken nutrition. No feed from an animal source is used .
  7. The most recent technologies are deployed in the stages of production, testing, storage, transportation, and delivery. All of these stages happen with no human intervention

A High-quality Product

Aziza chicken is a high-quality product which follows the relevant Palestinian and international quality and safety standards. The slaughterhouse has received the most important quality and food safety certifications, which are: 

  1. The Palestinian Quality Certificate, PSI.
  2. The Food Safety Management Certificate, ISO 22000:2005
  3. The Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Certification, HACCP.
  4. International certificates in quality and food safety systems obtained from the international auditors of Yum, the company owning KFC. The auditing happens on two levels:
    • Food Safety Audit
    • Food Quality Audit
  5. The slaughterhouse treats the outcoming water converting it to irrigation water, and it treats the production waste thermally to eliminate possible danger to the environment, following local and international regulations of work.

A Halal Product

As part of the slaughterhouse's commitment to produce its chicken products in accordance with the Islamic Halal slaughter laws, and considering that running the slaughter process in the Islamic method is mandated by the Holy Quran:
"And do not eat of that upon which the name of Allāh has not been mentioned, for indeed, it is grave disobedience." Al-An‘ām, 121,
the production line of Aziza's slaughterhouse's has been designed to enable the application of Halal slaughter laws to produce Halal chicken for consumers.

  1. The qualifiedness of the slaughterer and the achievement of the Islamic Halal Slaughter conditions.
  2. The recitation of Basmalah at slaughter time.
  3. The deployment of manual slaughter using sharp knives and following Islamic Halal Slaughter Laws.

A Vegan Product

At Aziza, we take pride in being able to produce 100% vegan chicken. This can be explained by the following:
  1. "A vegan chicken is a chicken fed by feeds which are completely prepared from vegan resources like yellow corn, wheat, barley, red corn, soybeans, sunflower cake, wheat bran, and other vegan ingredients.
  2. What makes a vegan chicken different is that it is a healthy product, and it is free of animal-sourced ingredients that can be threatening to human health.

How to reach Aziza's Slaughterhouse

Aziza Slaughterhouse Statistics

Location: Anabta, Tulkarem Governorate

Products: Aziza's chilled and frozen chicken

Establish date
Land area
0 Dunums
Building area
0 sq m
number of employees
Minimum production capacity
0 chickens per hour
Maximum production capacity
0 chickens per hour
`Capacity of waste treatment facility
to produce meat oil and powder
0 tons per day
Production capacity of the water treatment unit
to produce irrigation water
0 cups per hour