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Aziza Animal Feed Factory

Inspired by its vision to increase the Palestinian livestock sector's independence and reduce its reliance on Israeli products, Palestine Poultry Co. established Aziza Animal Feed Factory, the biggest and most modern of its kind in Palestine. The factory's annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons enabled the company to increase its market share over the past few years. The factory operates in accordance with the latest supervision systems and the quality standard ISO9001:2015. It uses vegan ingredients as the only source of protein in its products and produces all kinds of animal feed mixtures. The factory includes grain silos with a storage capacity of up to 26 thousand tons and two animal feed production lines. It also includes a feed test laboratory that periodically analyzes the produced feeds in accordance with the ISO standards and tests the manufacturing input to ensure its quality.

How to reach Aziza Animal Feed Factory

Aziza Animal Feed Factory Statistics

Location: Kufr Sur, Tulkarem Governorate

Product: All kinds of Aziza's vegan animal feed mixtures

Establish date
0 Dunums
Land area
0 thousand square meters
Building area
0 thousand tons
Grain silos storage capacity