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Palestine Poultry Co. launches Aziza Burgers

Palestine Poultry Co. Aziza announces the release of its new product Aziza Chicken Burgers in the local markets.
In a press release, the company said: As part of the company's commitment to leadership, active participation in the development of the poultry sector in Palestine, and in providing high-quality national products, the company is releasing Aziza Chicken Burgers, prepared solely from chicken.
The company said that its new product is a high-quality, nutritious, and healthy product, prepared from pure chicken breasts and thighs. This product is free from hormones and antibiotics and is made following the highest quality standards and food safety systems.
The company added that the new product is free from any preservatives and rich in protein, and it also contains low values of fats.

PPC's chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Abdel Hakim Foqaha, said that the company's first priority is the quality of its products. Quality is achieved by applying the highest production standards, which has led the company to receive international quality certificates, including ISO22000 and the food safety certificate HACCP.
Mr. Foqaha added that the company continuously works on developing the quality of its products. The release of Aziza Chicken Burgers is considered one of many steps leading toward providing Palestinian consumers with poultry-based products.

Mr. Nihad Soboh, the general manager of Aziza Slaughterhouse, said that the company produces Aziza Burgers from vegetarian-fed chickens. The company hired burger experts who worked for a long time to prepare a special seasoning recipe for Aziza Burgers to make sure that the new product is delicious, rich in protein, and low in fat.
Aziza Slaughterhouse was founded in 2011 with a production capacity of 3000 chickens per hour, and this capacity can be increased per need. The slaughterhouse consists of several departments, including reception, slaughter, plucking, cleaning, drying, cutting, chilling, and freezing. It also includes supportive environmental units for waste management and water treatment.
The company took responsibility for building an integrated poultry and food production system which starts with the Animal Feed Factory, moving to Aziza Hatchery, Breeders, and Broilers, and ending with the Slaughterhouse.